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Plumbing Resolutions for 2020

The time has come; we’re closing the chapter on 2019 and preparing for a new year. You know what that means— resolutions! Are you committing to spending less money? Have you resolved to take better care of your home? Kill two birds with one stone with these plumbing resolutions. Here are our top choices!

Reduce water use

Being more conscious of your water use benefits both you and the earth. Resolve to turn off the sink when you’re brushing your teeth or install low flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets. It pays off to be eco-friendly!

Respect your toilet

These fixtures have to handle a lot, so let’s resolve to treat our toilets better this year. Remember that you should only flush down toilet paper and human waste. You should toss cotton balls, feminine products, dental floss, and even flushable wipes (they’re not flushable) in the trash. The last thing you want is your toilet to revolt with a clog.

Don’t ignore the little problems

Minor annoyances can turn into costly repairs down the road. Everyone falls victim to procrastination but make this the year where you attend to plumbing problems quickly. If your toilet keeps running and you’re experiencing frequent clogs, don’t delay any longer. Call in a plumber to fix the issues right away!

Protect your drains

Despite its name, you should not treat your garbage disposal like a trash can. Certain foods can do some serious damage to your drains! When in doubt, throw it out. Coffee grounds, bones, fruit pits, celery, pasta, oils, fats, and greases are all some of the foods that should stay away from your kitchen sink. We also recommend purchasing drain catchers to help prevent clogs. Install these in your bathroom sinks and showers too!

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