Insulating pipes

How to Winterize Your Plumbing System

As a resident in New Jersey, you’re no stranger to the frigid weather. Winter isn’t even officially here, yet we’re experiencing snowstorms galore! As you brace yourself for a long season of plummeting temperatures, we want to get your home ready too. The pros here at William J. Guarini are here to help you protect your home and plumbing with these winterizing tips!

Insulate your pipes

As the temperature drops, one of the ways you stay warm is with additional layers. The same applies to your pipes. One of the first steps to winterizing your plumbing is getting insulation. These affordable covers can be found at any home improvement store or bought online. This step is crucial to prevent freezing pipes and bursts. It’s best to take this precaution now and save yourself from a major headache later on. We also recommend insulating crawl spaces, basement windows, and garage doors. Cold air loves finding ways to creep into your warm home, so don’t let it.

Prep your sprinklers and hoses

Before the snow falls, disconnect hoses from spigots and store them away. You can also purchase a hose cover, which is inexpensive and easy to install. We also recommend draining the water from the faucets to prevent cracks. While you’re outside, take time to turn off your sprinkler system and drain the water for the season. One broken sprinkler can do some damage to your irrigation system, so it’s best to shut everything down.

Warm the pipes under sinks

An effortless way you can take care of your pipes is by opening any cabinets below sinks. This will allow warm air to reach the pipes when you heat your home and help prevent freezing.

Cover your water heater

During the colder months, your water heater is more likely to lose heat. Luckily, an insulating cover can help stop this or slow the process down. This is especially helpful for older water heaters that aren’t performing like they once did. Just lower it down to 120 to 130 degrees to avoid overheating the blanket.

Additional winterizing tips

While you’re getting your plumbing ready, you might as well prepare the rest of your home. These general winterizing tips will help you be more energy-efficient, which means greater savings. Cutting costs is extremely helpful when you take into consideration that your heating makes up the largest part of your utility bill.

  • Inspect your windows and doors for any drafts. If you notice any places where warm air seems to be seeping out, you can seal the leaks with weatherstripping or caulking.

  • Get your boiler or furnace inspected by an HVAC technician sooner rather than later. You don’t want to find out in the dead of winter that your primary source of heat isn’t working properly.

  • Make sure your snow shovels, scrapers, and apparel can last another season.

  • Get your chimney lined if you plan on using your fireplace frequently. These liners are intended to protect your home from excessive heat and help remove harmful pollutants from the house.

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