Keep These Items Out of Your Drain

Keep These Items Out of Your Drain

The drain is one of those things in your house that seems to be a magnet to everything it shouldn't be. There are plenty of times that we have fixed a clogged drain and seen some interesting things down there; whether it's utensils, wedding rings, or other items — we've seen it all.

While the sink drain seems to suck things up that it shouldn't, we want to make sure that people are aware of the things that should stay far away from your sink. So, to prevent a clogged sink in the future, we have compiled some items that should definitely not go down your drain.

What Shouldn't I Put in My Drain?


You may have kids or maybe you like to paint to pass the time, but if there's one thing we know, it's that you shouldn't put paint down the drain. The paint will eventually harden in your drain and can cause clogs. At the end of your next project, make sure to discard of your paint by allowing it to dry on something disposable — and then throwing it in your garbage!

Produce Stickers

When you're washing your fruit, it may be easy to just peel the produce sticker off your delectable snack and let it flow down the drain. Although this is a quick option, you shouldn't fall into temptation. The adhesive on the sticker, itself, can get stuck against the wall of your drain. If that's the case, then this can also cause clogged drains.

Eggshells and Coffee Grounds

While eggshells and coffee grounds seem like okay things to put down the drain, the reality is you're adding one more ingredient that will clog your drains. These items will stick to other objects that are stuck within your sink and will just build on the problem; in turn leading to a bigger issue that you'll have on your hands.

Do You Have a Clogged Drain in Your Home?

If you find that your drain is clogged or that the water is draining slower than usual, keep your system running and in pristine condition by reaching out to our William J. Guarini Inc. team at (201) 205-2700. We can help with any of your plumbing problems!