Plumbing tools on a table

Plumbing Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how to properly use and maintain your appliances. Sometimes you’re looking for a quick and easy plumbing fix so you can get back to your busy schedule. Other times you figure your toolbox and a Saturday afternoon are all you need to fix your plumbing issues.

When something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing, we always recommend calling in the professionals. But if you’re feeling handy and ready to give it a shot, we ask that you keep good plumbing practices in mind and avoid these mistakes.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

While something perched so accessibly on a grocery store shelf should seem like a perfectly good solution to your plumbing woes, you might want to leave the drain cleaner bottle at the checkout. These liquid cleaners may provide a temporary fix to your clogged drain, but if used over and over again they can begin to corrode your pipes, causing more damage than good.

Abusing Your Disposal

Garbage disposals are a wonderfully handy tool to have in your kitchen. However, things can turn south if you aren’t using them as they were intended.

Your disposal should only be used for scraps of food here and there, it should not be an additional trash can for your leftover Chinese food.

What Not to Flush

Since we’re on the subject of what should and should not be heading down your drains, keep in mind these things that should go straight for the trash:

  • Feminine products
  • Cotton Balls
  • Wet wipes - even if the packaging says flushable, they can still cause clogging
  • Male contraceptives

Getting Caught in a Faucet Puzzle

If you’ve got a simple leak you’re trying to fix on your own, it’s fairly easy to take apart a faucet to discover the root of the problem. Putting a faucet back together, on the other hand, can be tricky. Avoid a frustrating few hours and a bigger problem than a leaky faucet by taking photos as you’re taking the fixture apart. These will be a great reference to have once you’ve finished your fix.


This may be one of the only times your strong muscles become an issue. Cranking too hard on a faucet or plastic toilet fittings is a very common DIY

Plumbing Mistake. The excessive force can cause cracks which over time will turn into leaks. Overtightening toilet bolts can cause cracks in the porcelain, resulting in a broken toilet in need of replacement.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

When doing any kind of plumbing repair, it’s imperative that you remember to shut off your water at the main water valve before you begin. No matter how quickly you work, there is a large chance that you’ll get a face full of water before getting the new valve in place.

Choosing Pipes

Galvanized and copper pipes can not be connected as their materials will interact and cause rapid corrosion. Be sure when you’re replacing pipe to know exactly which materials you need before heading to the hardware store.

Taking on More Than You Can Handle

We know it can be unclear how big a plumbing issue is before you get started. That’s why if you’re questioning your skillset against the difficulty of the job at hand, call the plumbers at William J. Guarini Inc.. Our honest and capable plumbers are willing to answer any questions you may have about how to make the repairs and if they recommend having a professional take on the project instead.

Listen to the Experts

If you do choose to call and get the opinion of one of our plumbers, listen to the advice they give. They are properly trained and have the experience needed to help you out wherever they can. Give us a call at (201) 205-2700 or book an appointment for your plumbing emergency today!