5 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Drains Cleaned

Your plumbing is like any relationship — if you care for it, treat it right, and listen to it, you should avoid most problems. The challenging part is knowing how to do these things — but our expert plumbers are here to help. When the water starts to drain slowly, and there’s an unpleasant smell coming from the drain, your plumbing is trying to tell you that something is amiss, and it’s your job to recognize the signs and take steps to fix the situation. A lot of the time, all that’s needed to prevent a significant plumbing disaster is drain cleaning.

That said, here are four signs that you need your drains cleaned:

1. Water is draining slowly

If the water during your shower reaches your calves, or the bathroom sink is close to overflowing, don’t ignore it. While the water eventually flushes away, it’s still a cause for concern. There could be hair, grease, or another obstruction in the way that has built up to create a clog — which is making it harder for water to flow normally. This could also be a sign of a more severe problem, such as a hidden tree root.

2. There is a mysterious odor coming from the drain

Is there a noticeable stench coming from your kitchen or bathroom? If you’ve eliminated rotten food or a smelly trash can as the culprits, then the next place you should look is at your pipes. An unpleasant odor could be the result of a clog that’s been stuck in your drains and is beginning to rot.

3. There are frequent clogs

Dealing with a clog isn’t out of the ordinary — but repeatedly having to go in with the plunger to take care of the toilet or shower should have you on alert. Indeed, scheduling a drain cleaning can get to the root of the issue.

4. Water backs up into the sink or tub

If you use the toilet and notice water backing up into other places, this is a sign that there’s a blockage in your drain line. While this may not seem like a big deal, the water could overflow, causing severe damage to your home. In the worst-case scenario, your flooring could be ruined, and mold could move in — creating a hoard of other complications. If you notice any water backup, get a professional to check it out immediately.

5. There’s a sudden influx of fruit flies

Continually swatting away at fruit flies — no, thank you. We all understand what a nuisance it is to try to catch these insects, and it often appears as if they multiply by the minute. If you notice a sudden increase in these critters, it could be because they’re attracted to food buildup in your drains.

Importance of professional drain cleaning

Before you reach for that chemical drain cleaner under your cupboard, consider hiring a professional. The solution can indeed eat away at the clog stuck in your drains, but it can also eat away at everything in its way — including your pipes. A professional plumber can safely and effectively get to the root of the problem.

Your home’s drains play a major part in your plumbing system, and drain cleaning is necessary to keep them healthy. But don’t worry; professionals recommend this service once a year, so it’s not an enormous burden on you. Follow these additional tips to avoid having to schedule this service more frequently:

  • Purchase drain catchers for the sinks and showers.

  • Avoid harsh chemical drain cleaners from the store.

  • Remember this rule: only flush human waste and toilet paper.

  • Be cautious about what you put down your garbage disposal. You should always toss out greases, hard foods, and fibrous foods.

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