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Scary Sewer Problems to Look Out For

One of the scariest things for any homeowner is an issue with their sewer system. The repair or replacement can be expensive, invasive, and stressful.

A key with any sewer problem is to catch it early. Here are some sewer issues to look out for at your home.

Invasive tree roots

We all love trees, but sometimes when their roots get close to a sewer line, it can cause problems — such as breaking through the pipe with force. Even if there isn’t a tree directly over your sewer line, their complex array of roots can still manage to find their way into your system. If you suspect this to be the issue or want to find out if it is, call a plumbing professional right away.

Broken pipes

Even if not by tree infestation, pipes in your sewer line can get damaged, putting the whole system at risk. Broken pipes can also come from shifting soil, a storm, or frozen ground. Pipes could also be offset — where they are intact but do not match up exactly at a connection point. Though some hairline cracks in a line are not always an emergency, it may be something to watch, as a break could be draining sewage through your lawn.

Blocked drain

A blocked drain, whether it be a bathtub, shower, sink, or toilet, means the plumbing system is not running as efficiently as it could be. It may even indicate the pipes are damaged below the surface. The easiest way to prevent this is to make sure you are not misusing your drains. For example, DON’T put facial wipes or anything that isn’t toilet paper down the toilet, even if it says it’s flushable. Additionally, avoid dumping food down the sink; throw it out instead

The rule of thumb when it comes to your sewer line is to trust the professionals. William J. Guarini Inc. will use state of the art equipment to diagnose any issues and figure out the best solution. Maintaining your sewer system will help avoid unnecessary costly repairs or replacements. Call us at (201) 205-2700 for all your sewer needs.