Small pile of plumbing tools

5 Plumbing Tools You Should Own

Tools for Your Home’s Plumbing

We all experience plumbing issues now and then. At times, you may need to jump to the rescue before you can get a professional plumber over to help.

Stay prepared with these 5 tools that could save you in a pinch.

Rubber Gloves

It’s no secret that plumbing problems can get messy. Protect your hands from these messes and the bacteria that comes with them by keeping a pair of rubber gloves around! Be sure to clean them after use to keep bacteria from spreading..


A staple of every household, the plunger is a tool you must keep around. If you want to be extra safe, add a flange plumber to your collection. This flange plunger will better serve you for unclogging a toilet, while a traditional plunger will work well for sinks and bathtubs.

Drain Auger

Sometimes your plunger just won’t do the trick. In those cases, it’s a good idea to have a drain auger lying around. Follow the instructions to place this long tube down your drain and clear any obstructions.

Keep in mind that often, it takes a professional plumber to completely rid your pipes of a clog and you should call one straight away if you’re noticing frequent or particularly bad clogs.

Plumber’s Tape

Also known as thread tape, your toolbox should definitely be stocked with this thin tape. When wrapped around the threads of a pipe, this tape creates a tight and secured seal to prevent leaks.

Basin Wrench

A basin or sink wrench will help when changing out faucets. The long handle makes it the perfect tool for working on hard-to-reach spots.

Call in the Professionals!

There are many times when a plumbing expert is needed to completely solve your plumbing problem. When you’re stuck and in need of some assistance, give William J. Guarini Inc. a call at (201) 205-2700!